Science Exhibition Photo Gallery
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St. Alphonsa's High School under the able guidance of eminent Educationist, Dr.Emmanuel has organized a Science Exhibition on 14th and 15th August 2006, to exhibit the innovative thoughts and knowledge of their students.

Teachers gave their full co-operatin and support in this aspect which encouraged the students to come up with trail blazing ideas in various fields. The participants were very enthusiastic and came up with varied projects which proved the standard of the School.

Parents too rendered their full co-operation in making the exhibition success.

Many Schools visited the science exhibition and were benefited by the exhibits.

Among the various exhibits few of the eye striking were

  • Dialysis
  • Solar system
  • Production of Hydro Exlectricity
  • Model of Hi-tech city
  • Extretory system
  • Food chain
  • Specimen of Brain, heart, lungs, Kidney
  • Human skeletal system
  • Bronchial resporation
  • Conversion of wind energy
  • Fire alarm
  • over head tank alarm
  • Alert alarm to check the thieves in Banks etc.,
  • Irrigation system
  • Conversin of enery from one form to another
  • Magnetic crane
  • Dynamo
  • Alternate sources of energy
  • Wave motion
  • Traffic lights and many more.
Science Exhibition Photo Gallery
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